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Follow your dreams

My dreamdreamers circle

All of my life, well, actually, since I was about 13 years old, I always new that I wanted to be a successful business women. My dream was to become  a lawyer. I truly would picture myself wearing my Armani suit getting out of my brand new white convertible BMW. I really thought that I would become a lawyer, I mean, it’s not THAT BIG of a dream. It’s attainable. It’s reasonable but a lot of work and sacrifice. Many people have done it so WHY NOT ME? Right?I was following my dreams. I was on the right track. I had done one year of law and I loved it! I loved every class,marilyn2 every assignment and every book that I had to read. Then, something happened! My daughter! She’s what happened! Here she is today! She’s 22 years old and she’s the love of my life! I am so proud of her.


However, when I found out that I was pregnant at the age of 21, I new that it was going to be difficult to make my dream come true. I was OK with that. I had a baby on the way. I was going to make her my priority. So, I just planned to push back my dreams a little and decided to pursue my studies when she would be a little older.

All that I am saying here is that sometimes, important events happen in our lives that force us to push back our dreams a little bit. In the long run, we never know what can happen. That dream can become a new dream! :)

Long story short

Over the years, one thing led to another and before I new it, I had become a single mother. That’s when I knew that I would never go back to school, unless I won the lottery or met a really rich man that would make me his princess and pay for my daughter, law school and everything else that my little heart desired. WAKE UP SONIA! You are dreaming in color again!

Oh! Where was I? That’s right, dreams! You are right, wishing that I would meet a rich man or win the lottery is a bit much. I never wished that. That wasn’t me. That’s not me. I knew that I was going to have to work hard to become a success. I knew that no matter what, I was going to become a success. I was going to do whatever it took!

My business

By the time my daughter Marilyn was 11, by then, I had had my son, Andy. He is 17 now. This is him and I at his high school graduation. He too is the love of my life! Both of my children have been my motivation my entire life.My boy

So, as I was saying, I had started my own business. I took the bull by its horns and decided to DO IT. I started up a marketing agency specialized in the restaurant industry. All of my customers were restaurateurs. It’s an industry that I new very well seeing that while I was finishing University, I was working  as a waitress. Yes, I did end up going back to school. However, I didn’t study law. After 5 years, I obtained my Bachelors degree in Administration.

So now, 11 years later, I still own my marketing agency and am doing very well. I really love what I do. I am actually very much appreciated for what I do for my clients. I bring people in. I help them with their fidelity programs. I take care of their internal and external promotions. I manage their marketing budgets. I plan events and fund raisers. I am also their spokes person. It’s great and I am in love with what I do.

The cherry on the sundae

What’s the cherry on the sundae?

The cherry on the sundae is that opportunity always comes knocking on our door. I can confirm to you that that saying is SO true! Many times, I have had the opportunity to start up businesses and to join various MLMs. I have taken most of those opportunities all the while running my marketing agency and taking care of my children. However, none of these opportunities have given me the financial freedom that I have dreamed of all for so long.

Why do I dream of financial freedom you might ask? It’s simple. I want to be able to spend time with my family and make sure that they get the education that they need and want. It’s funny how life works out. Would you believe me if I told you that both of my children want to become lawyers? Yes! It’s true. My daughter is currently in law school and my son plans on going to law school after college, which he just started.

Back to the subject of opportunities. Now, I have the opportunity to not only make my dreams come true but also, to help make my children’s dreams come true.

This free starter membership is what made my stay at home online business a reality for me,  FOR FREE.


NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. I haven’t. I didn’t and I am not going to!





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