Is this the right place to write about Leukemia? I have been asking myself if I should write about it. I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to publish an article about Leukemia. After spending hours of soul searching and after actually reading about IT, I realized that […]

Leukemia- A success story waiting to happen

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Way before I even started blogging, I knew that there were many ways to make money online. Little did I know that there were so many “scams” as well. I feel a little bit naive actually. I invite you to read one of my articles called, ” The Most Horrible […]

Swagbucks Review

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As we are approaching Valentine’s day, I am feeling the urge to publish the second chapter of my book. It will be exactly 6 years since I have launched my book on February 14th and feel that I have so much to share with my new fans! Chapter 2 July 11, […]

True Love on Social Media

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  FRIEND REQUEST   It was 8:20 on a warm July morning and I was enjoying my latte, as I did every day before heading out to work. I didn’t really feel like going to the gym. I knew that I had a very busy day ahead of me, though […]

Valentine Love Story-Friend Request

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Threading-An Amazing Experience The first time I ever heard of eyebrow threading was last summer. I’m not kidding. It was my little sister who spoke to me about it when she said one Saturday morning, ”Sonia, let’s go get our eyebrows done”. So I’m like, ”OK but I didn’t make […]

Eyebrow threading VS Waxing

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The perfect time to start an online business Let’s make 2016 our year! So many people out there dream of becoming a business owner! I was! Eleven years ago, I opened my own marketing agency.  I even had people working for me and everything. I’m still going at it, however, […]

7 Most Important Steps to Starting an Online Business

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Get smoother and silkier feet The entire world is talking about this amazing foot tool! What is it exactly? Well, it really is a great tool that will take off all of your hard skin, calluses and anything else that you want taken off of there. If you are like […]

Amope Pedi Perfect Review

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Hello-”Is it Me You’re Looking for?” It’s crazy how that song has stayed in our memory all of these years isn’t it? I think that it’s been replaced. Ok, maybe not replaced, but it now has big time competition! This song has really taken off! From the moment it hit […]

Adele’s ”Hello”-Captivates listeners from all over the world

Where to buy the best candies If you are like me, you LOVE candies! You have no idea how much I love candies! I love them so much that I have a candy tattoo on my body. With the Christmas season behind the corner, I thought that I would let […]

Candies for Christmas

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How to lose weight fast at home If you are looking for a way to lose weight in 21 days, easily, this IS NOT for you! But if you are looking to lose weight quickly and if you are willing to work hard it it, THIS IS FOR YOU! Have […]

21 Day Fix Exercises